Ice Arena Covers / Ice Arena Protection

EverBlock 2 AF (Arena Floor) is specially designed to cover ice rinks, allowing them to become true multi-purpose venues for events such as concerts, parties, corporate events, festivals, and other sporting use.

EverBlock AF sections feature an integrated bottom layer that closes off flooring modules and provides additional insulation.   Air is trapped between plastic layers and structural cross ribbing, providing a transition from the colder ice to the warmer ambient room temperature above.


  • Concerts
  • Sub-floor for basketball courts
  • Graduations and school assemblies
  • On-Rink Events and Parties
  • On-Rink Trade Shows and Exhibitions


EverBlock arena flooring is designed to protect your ice, while keeping attendees warm above the ice surface.

By containing air in cavities between the top layer and bottom later there is a substantial difference between the temperature of the ice below and the temperature of the top surface of the flooring.

Additionally, the insulation that the flooring provides allows you to save on cooling the floor below (and on heating) the interior of your building.

The underside of the flooring is flat, preventing ridges in your ice surface, yet contains small traction nubs to prevent movement of the flooring on the ice surface below.


EverBlock ice rink flooring transports in 3ft x 4ft panels, allowing for rapid installation by a minimal crew.   It takes 5-6 people about 1-2 hours to install a full sized NHL ice rink (85 x200) of flooring and only slightly longer to install an Olympic Sized Rink (30m x 60m), meaning that your venue can be used for sports one day and a concert the next.

For efficient installation, simply transport pallets of EverBlock into proximity so that panels can then be placed into position where needed.  Sections are merely lifted off pallets, slid on the ice into position, and snapped into place.  Due to EverBlock’s unique connector design, sections can be easily nudged by foot into their connection position and then stepped on to connect.   Installers rarely have to bend down to align and connect sections.

EverBlock ice rink flooring modules connect in a matrix, creating a seamless floor that is both attractive and safe for large audiences. You can even leave out sections of the floor to show the ice below, while maintaining the integrity of the surrounding floor.

To remove sections, simply lift EverBlock sections up at a 45% angle, disengaging the panels for transport and further use.


EverBlock is manufactured using high-impact polypropylene, co-polymer plastic, that contains impact modifiers for improved flex-modulus and long term durability.

EverBlock flooring is durable and can withstand the rigors of daily rink use.   Sections are reinforced with structural cross ribbing and manufactured using a high-impact Polypropylene plastic for long life and rugged daily use.

When sections are connected, the connector clips are protected from damage and keep flooring together under heavy traffic.

EverBlock portable ice rink flooring features a sand-blasted anti-slip surface, which is both easy to clean and provides good traction for visitors.

EverBlock is water, chemical, and weather resistant and is easy to clean using standard cleaning fluids or a pressure washer.

Structural cross ribs provide tremendous strength and can support forklifts and equipment carts


Drive forklifts, roll equipment cases and place chairs and staging on top of EverBlock flooring,as the integrated structural cross-ribbing provides high strength, durability and weight loading capacity.

Park cars or other vehicles on the floor for car shows and other on-ice events.


To install EverBlock AF we recommend dry-cutting your ice prior to installation and maintaining ice temperature at approximately 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Installation is quick and easy due to EverBlock’s unique rapid connection system, which allows sections to be nudged into position on ice and locked with a simple downward step.

For the first installation, our team will assist in cutting the corner radiuses of your Olympic or Standard sized ice-rink.  Our team will come on-site to train your team and supervise the first portable flooring deployment.

Once radiuses are cut, a complete ice arena can be installed with 8-10 people in about 2 hours.

Sections are stored compactly on stackable pallets that can be held on or off-site for the next event.

For complete installation instructions, click HERE.